New daring Heroes show Theria what being Crazy means

Traitorous Baboon and Bomb Armadillo invite themselves to Friendship Day!

Hated amongst his people for his links with Goats and Panthers, Waru is a straight up traitor that only cares about him

In battle, he has such disdain for his brothers in arms that he will blow up Bombs that may target his own teammates!

Leader of his Armadillo tribe - The Scorched Scales - Banka literally carried his kin to glory by negotiating the best alliances with other Animal factions.

It took a few battles to understand his secret: when negotiating with Banka, you can either agree... or you can explode

Will you be able to secure one of these Heroes as an asset, Commanders? Good luck!

A party so fabulous Flamingos had to be there

Theria's festival starts: a brand new event including an exclusive Hero!

So it begins: as Theria's tradition commends, every animal Clan has put aside differences and gathered to celebrate this special time of the year!

Usually discrete despite a most colorful plumage, Floyd the Flamingo Assassin couldn't resist joining a party so Fabulous it has rival clans laughing together..

Able to damage enemy Heroes in his row whilst sometimes disappearing away from the battlefield, Floyd can be exclusively recruited in our brand new Festival Event!

Will you make the most of Theria's first festival? We certainly hope you'll have a blast!

Rise of the Blue Tide!

Theria’s grunge Hyena makes odd pair with Legendary germophobe Axolotl.

Yar has a simple philosophy: live fast, die young – and preferably Rich!

Leader of the biggest horde of thieves in Theria, mercenary without any moral principle, Yar only cares for profit and defeating his foe in the Arena.

When he enters the board he’ll spread his poisons on multiple enemy Heroes whilst spilling some on himself!


Nei-Li is well known around Theria. Legendary figure, High Priestess of the holy balance and notorious germophobe obsessed by hygiene, she got a strong personality.

When she enters the board, it will become absolutely clean of negative effects impacting your Heroes, such as Ice or Poison!

Triggering her ability will heal your Heroes and further clean them of any negative effects!


Will you manage to recruit Blue's Odd pair, Commanders? You'll certainly need to come clean or it won't do for Nei-Li!

Primal Legends - Adventure Edition

World's first competitive Match-3/TCG finally available on Facebook.

Primal Legends Adventure Edition, bringing Theria's Epic storyline and Events available to play on Facebook, is finally available.

Following high demand from Kobojo's Communities on Facebook, including millions of gamers, we're delighted to finally be able to invite our dear Community members into the wonderful world of Theria!

Immerse yourself in Primal Legends from the comfort of your desktop device by accessing our App:

Enjoy, Commanders!


Highborn Mandra enters the war!

The noble heir from the House of Foxes will shortly be available.

Heir of one of the most ancient and influent Fox family, Mandra finally joins the war as her rebel faction is pinned down near Pyr’s borders.

Natural born leader and beacon of hope for all Foxes of Theria aspiring to restore their former Glory, Mandra was taught the art of Sword fencing since her early childhood and became a true master!

When she enters the board, Mandra will use her amazing sword skills to damage enemy Heroes in her row while driving them towards the back of the board using her signature dash-style attack!

Will you convince such an aristocratic figure to join your ranks? Good luck, Commanders!


Komeul and Stortan broke through the Gates!

Discover the Epic addition to Theria’s Rabbits and the first Green Legendary.

Known as “The Lucky Soldier” and famous for his destructive clumsiness, Komeul is absolutely mad!

Always trying the hardest shots with his guns and spreading chaos amongst enemy Heroes, his fortitude knows no bound..

When he’ll enter the board, Komeul will unleash 4 shots – each randomly targeting enemy Heroes and applying a different effect, even when they remain hidden in your opponent’s deck!


When the Grizzly King started to doubt the Mammoth loyalty, Stortan decided to leave his side and focus on his own kin from the safety of his personal valley.

Leader of the Mammoths, famous in Theria for his prowess in the battlefields, Stortan is what you would call unbreakable.

When Stortan enters a fight, his massive chunkiness will shake your whole troops up – uplifted by such an amazing ally – they may even match themselves! Triggering his ability will boost your front line and make any unit or Hero impervious to attacks from other units!

Will your charisma help in recruiting the last Heroes of 2016, Commander? We’re certainly rooting for you!


Christmas arrived in Theria !

Enter Primal Legends’ first Christmas Event introducing Rod.

Enter the Vortex to experience Primal Legends’ first Christmas Event with ice-cold challenges and amazing winter celebrations rewards!

A mysterious threat is trying to ruin Christmas by hiding curses in gifts. Since Alcor opened his, he’s been weird, erratic and in a foul mood. Jayce noticed and wonders: what happened to Alcor? What terrible curse could have turned around such a gentle soul? In order to find out, he’ll be by your side when taking on Theria’s Christmas Challenge!

Rod has been waiting for this moment - his favorite time of the year, to finally pass the Gates - Not your typical reindeer, with explosive style – he may exclusively be recruited on the Christmas Event.


Will you find out Alcor’s secret? Will you convince Rod to join your barracks? Let the Christmas Magic begins!


New Quests Available

Will you survive the inflexible Mountains of Oros?

Your epic journey in Theria continues in a cold and hostile mountain filled with dangerous enemies out to get you.

Rog’s trail is fading, but you remain determined to bring him to justice. Helped by Kareen, Alcor and Jayce, you will set out to find the swamps where you think Rog may hide.. if you can pass the Mountains of Oros, lair of the powerful Grizzlys.

Will you be strong enough to chase Rog? Jayce sure hopes so, Commander!


Theria welcome its first Frog Hero, joined by a Legendary Lion!

Discover Hembala and Nara

Revered amongst young Lion warriors as one of the most skilled combatant of all time and personal guard of the Lion King, Hembala is famous all around Theria. He takes pride in his code of honor, which he follows blindly in order to protect his master.

When stepping on the battlefield, he will unleash his might without holding back, triggering damages to enemy Heroes and pushing them back to your opponent’s deck!


The Frog people usually keep to themselves, as their habitat is so unique that no faction tried to contest it yet. Nara is the first Frog that made it through the hardship of becoming a Hero. Mustering his magic energy, Nara will charge a powerful attack pulling enemy Heroes in his column and poisoning them until the battle is over!


Will Hembala & Nara find their way to your Army? We’ll find out soon, Commanders!

Theria’s newest Challengers revealed

Discover 2 mighty new Heroes that will fight by your side!

Baboons are a secluded people deeply attached to their home, and with a spirituality heavily oriented around Magic.Saru’s leadership skills are well known amongst his people, relying on him to lead them back to their past glory.

Thanks to his spiritual aura, Saru is able to decrease the power of enemy Heroes by channeling his mental energy.


Never seen apart from one another, Wan and Xiao ran from the oppression of Panthers and remained hidden for a long time in order to keep practicing their magic, which was banned by the Inquisitors.Known as the infernal twin brothers, they’re now back with a vengeance and fully dedicated to fight the inquisitors using humor and chaotic magic in the streets of Pyr.

Their unique chaotic magic will create a powerful tornado attracting enemy Heroes towards the center of the board and inflicting severe damages.


Will you be able to tame one of our new mighty Heroes? Good luck, Commanders!

New Heroes - Meet Cipaï, Shi, Uku & Chasqa!

A quad of despair enters Theria with 4 brand New Heroes!

From the Hermit Hippos that are almost never seen away from their lands, Cipaï developed a taste for adventure… literally. His snack-sharing ability will provide you with a significant amount of health, allowing you to endure further damages and recover from your enemy’s assaults. His love for food knows no boundary! Driven by dreams of new flavors and exotic dishes, he set out to travel despite the dangers ever-present in Theria since the Stones of Power fell from the Sky.. Cipaï will not stop until his mouth tastes the perfect bite from the perfect dish – only then will his dream be accomplished!

Once a patient and subtitle double-agent, Shi’s plan to eliminate the Goat’s leader only failed due to Panthers’ treason.. Straight from the newest generation of Salamander’s Assassins, her devastating bouncing blade attack will leave your opponent’s board in ruins! Shi remains determined to destroy the Goat’s ruler to finally complete her mission, compelled by the Code of Salamander Assassins.


Personal Doctor-Sorcerer of the Crocodile King, Uku earned that honor by demonstrating his talent for crafting the most devious and strongest substances.On the battlefield, he’s known for his poisonous attack, causing severe damages over time capable of taking down the mightiest Heroes. His presence away from the Crocodile King – who only trusts Uku with his well-being – is extremely rare. Uku can only be seen when Theria is at its darkest, and may only be recruited during special events, such as this Halloween! His creations proved successful whatever their evil goals: assassination, contamination, nothing is impossible when it comes to Uku’s potions!


Chasqa only cares about one thing: preventing slaves from escaping the dreadful mines of Skléros she is bound to guard by duty. Her life-stealing ability will inflict severe damages to opponent Heroes, whilst stealing a significant portion of that damage as personal health. Known under the alias “Goddess of the Night” for her cruelty and ruthlessness, she likes to toy with slaves she knows will rebel. Making sure her killer instincts remain sharp, she’ll indulge a glimpse of hope to escapers, only to crush it and unveil true despair once she begins her hunt! Chasqa rarely leaves her post as Guard of the mines of Skléros and may only be recruited during special events, including this Halloween! Will you be able to gain their allegiance? Time is of the essence, Commanders!

Learn all about Theria’s Heroes from this link.


Experience Pyr - 50 New Quests

Trials of Pyr’s Volcanoes - Get ready for epic battles in our newest Quest Stages.

There are whispers of an Ancient Orb granting unlimited magic power to its master..

Should it fall in ill-willed hands, Theria will be doomed! Hircus, a notoriously evil Goat Sorcerer, made his mission to claim the Ancient Orb – but he does not know yet that you’re on to his plans.

new map

Joined by Kareen, Alcor & Jayce, you will resume your quest to bring justice back to Theria! Are you up for the challenge, Commander?

Only time will tell.


Gamers and professionals

Primal Legends thrills gamers and professionals alike

Kobojo is delighted of the amazing feedback received following Primal Legend’s launch! Since its worldwide release, the team received an overwhelming amount of positive comments and great ratings from players, journalists and reviewers alike.

Take it from the Pros at Apple who wrote this in their review:

A majestic mash-up of Battleship, Tetris, and the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Primal Legends is a charming RPG. We love both its fantastical (and brilliantly destructive) creatures and the increasingly in-depth ways you’re asked to consider battlefield tactics in order to vanquish rival armies. We’ll never look at woodland creatures the same way again.

pl review

Did you installed our brand new game yet? Make sure to play Primal Legends for free on Mobile and begin your own adventure, Commander!

Esports scene

New strategy/TCG gives a fresh look to the mobile esports scene

Kobojo is proud to announce a partnership with Paris’ very first Meltdown Bar, a prestigious and cutting-edge eSports establishment, for the launch of its new and innovative strategy/TCG, Primal Legends.

Primal Legends delivers a fresh experience to the mobile eSports scene thanks to its innovative and deeply strategic gameplay. Since the game’s August 11th launch, players going to the Meltdown in Paris have received an exclusive gift code for a free epic Hero and in-game gold and rubies.

Kobojo is one of the very few French independent mobile game studios in existence. The company is delighted to be supported by Meltdown -- a genuine eSports pioneer with close ties to the top players in competitive gaming. With this partnership, the Meltdown Bar shows its support towards the blossoming mobile eSports scene and independent studios investing resources in competitive games.

“Mobile is the ideal platform for eSports to reach a broader audience, and we're delighted to be supported by Meltdown,” says Paul Evrard, Producer at Kobojo. “Primal Legends presents a new level of fun for Match-3 on mobile, enabled by real-time PvP, and the importance of strategic thinking when assembling/playing a team of Heroes. We're confident that everyone can enjoy Primal Legends, and we’re proud to introduce our brand new game to the competitive scene.”

The Kobojo team looks forward to growing its competitive community and is working on several new features -- including game recording on mobile, which will allow players to share the most breathtaking Primal Legends moments on social media and streaming platforms, tournaments, leaderboards and community challenges.

Primal Legends is available as a free download as of August 11th. See you in the Arena!

Pricing & Availability

Primal Legends is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The game is free to download and play, and it includes in-app purchases.

Now available!

World’s first competitive match-3/tcg hybrid

Kobojo’s Primal Legends, an innovative blend of Match-3, real-time strategy and collectible card games, is now available on the App Store and Google Play Battle your way across 200 levels of quests, discover more than 50 stunningly detailed Heroes, and fight online opponents through intense real-time Player vs Player combat in this genre-bending adventure through the wonderful land of Theria. There was peace in the world -- until the Stones of Power started to fall from the sky, that is. In a matter of days, chaos spread like a raging fire as the stones began to corrupt every animal they touched. Now, it’s up to you to build an army of brave Heroes -- and lead them in battle against ever more dangerous foes ...

Primal Legends 101

Each Primal Legends battle begins with a straightforward concept: matching units on the board so that groups of three or more of the same color can attack the enemy by taking out their troops, chipping away at opponent Heroes or directly damaging your opponent!

At the same time, matched units begin to charge up powerful Hero characters that players can wield with devastating results. However, not all Heroes deal direct damage; some heal or protect soldiers, while others increase their attack power ... or even assassinate enemy Heroes! It’s up to players to assemble the best team of Heroes, create and find the most efficient synergies.

The careful application of basic troop attacks as well as the judicious use of Heroes is essential if you are to beat each of the game’s 200+ levels. Objectives can be varied: dropping the enemy’s hit points to zero, aiming at specific targets in the enemy camp, and much more.

Cooperation with friends plays a big role in Primal Legends: Working with other players makes it easier to complete the collection of champions and thus unlock their full potential in-game. As battles are won (and reward chests are unlocked!), you can also level up your roster -- developing advanced strategies that make the best of the interactions between Heroes.

“Competitive PvP is the future of Match-3,” says Charlotte Lavergne, Executive Producer at Kobojo. “Getting there was certainly tricky -- but with Primal Legends, we’re showing the world that it can be done. Our game features a high amount of strategic combat and hefty TCG-style deck building, which turns the whole Match-3 genre on its head! Casual, mid-core or hardcore, players of all stripes are highly likely to enjoy experiencing Primal Legends.”

Key Features

Epic adventure: Persevere through the trials of Theria and face ferocious bosses in more than 200 levels.

Incredible duels: Challenge players from around the world in real-time Player versus Player battles. Deck building: Adapt your strategy and assemble the strongest team; evolve your Heroes to unleash their full potential!

Innovative core gameplay: Discover a truly fresh multiplayer game - easy to learn, but hard to master -- using a blend of both classic Match-3 and trading card game mechanics.

Many Heroes to discover: Collect more than 40 Heroes with more to come, and learn about their powers!

Visit Kobojo’s YouTube channel for more Primal Legends video content, including tips & tricks and Hero spotlights.